Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Part

Last Wednesday, I had the honor and the privilege to be able to present Marx's main ideas to our Critical Theories class. It was nice to see the activities, slides, and clip work out very nicely. It seemed as though the students were engaged in our presentation throughout.

For our presentation to be success we had hoped for, we broke down Marxism into sections that each one of our group members took as their own. Each member than became an expert on their section and created powerpoint slides off of it. My section mainly dealt with the sell of labor and the Capitalist class. In order to connect my information with my audience, I made a hypothetical scenario which showed exactly how we sell ourselves to the Capitalist class on a daily basis. I feel this went over well with the class. Next I showed examples of who compose the Capitalist class (i.e. Dell, Apple, Von's, Staples, etc.) Again, I felt this connected well with the students.

Though I was nervous going into the presentation, once it started, I was happy to introduce the class to Marxism. Looking forward to the next group's presentation.

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